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International Cooperation with Brazil

Bilateral Agreements

Establishment of Mechanism for Consultations on Energy Cooperation

A joint statement on energy cooperation with the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy has been approved that identifies a broad energy partnership that includes Brazil’s participation in the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy, and in the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum. The U.S. will also share policy experience and technical expertise in areas leading to clean, affordable and reliable power required for Brazil’s economic growth.

Loan of Distributed Energy Technology Simulator to LACTEC to Conduct Energy Balance Analysis of Brazilian Hospital Powered by Fuel Cell Power Plant

LACTEC and NETL have agreed to collaborate on the use of the simulator that evaluates nine different distributed generation technologies, primarily fuel cells, for multiple applications in a real-time setting. The data acquisition and analysis capability of the simulator is an inexpensive and simple evaluative tool that will provide LACTEC with data needed to determine the technical and economic viability and market applicability of alternative technologies. Extensive training has been provided to LACTEC technical staff to ensure the operability of the simulator, as well as complete instructions on installation, validation and monitoring. LACTEC intends to use the simulator to measure the energy efficiency of buildings and other infrastructure in various projects that it is developing involving fuel cells, and hydrogen-based energy and technology, starting with an energy balance analysis of the Erasto Gaertner Hospital Building (Curitiba, Brazil), which is powered by a phosphoric acid fuel cell purchased from the United States. Data obtained from these tests will be shared with NETL.


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